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Back in January, a group of 45 water experts met at the Making a Big Splash for a Sustainable Future summit to identify the toughest water challenges that cities are currently facing. The summit report is now available for you to discover what they talked about!  
You will gain insights on the following challenges: 

  • Water quantity: fit-for-purpose water for 10 billion people  
  • Micropollutant removal by biological systems  
  • Limited recovery of resources  
  • Capturing multiple ‘wanted’ resources to create a circular economy  
  • Managing ‘unwanted’ substances to enable a circular economy  
  • Megacities 

Making a Big Splash for a Sustainable Future is a Novo Nordisk Fonden and DHI initiative.     

Solving the toughest water challenges

By collaborating with likeminded partners, we continuously strive to transform the water industry and find new ways of solving the toughest water challenges through applied research and technology.  
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