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August 21 at 05:00 UTC  Check your local time here 

MIKE 3 Wave FM is an advanced 3D phase-resolving wave model that can be applied to ports & terminals, coastal areas as well as the offshore and maritime industry. 

This free, one-hour webinar will introduce you to the new MIKE 3 Wave FM module, an advanced modelling application that can help you calculate wave transformation processes quickly and accurately. We will demonstrate how the module covers fully nonlinear, fully dispersive surface gravity waves and ambient flow which is a major advantage over traditional wave modelling applications in the market. See how it uses flexible (i.e. unstructured) computational meshes providing the basis for detailed multi-disciplinary models.  

We will demonstrate the main benefits of the MIKE 3 Wave FM module: Easy
interfacing with other MIKE products, existing MIKE 21 BW setups can be
converted to MIKE 3 Wave FM model setups and there will be no more need for
external tools calculation porosity (like in MIKE 21 BW). The natural porosity of
the structures can be used directly.


  • Wave transformation
  • Wave breaking
  • Overtopping and coastal flooding
  • Wave interaction with porous 3D structures

Join our expert Joachim Bach, MSc, Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark. Joachim will conduct the webinar which will include a live Q&A session in the end! 

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