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MIKE ECO Lab is an advanced modelling framework that allows you to conduct a comprehensive assessment of a wide range of issues that affect water quality
and ecosystems. Typical application areas include water quality and ecological
studies related to subsurface and groundwater, rivers, wetlands, lakes, reservoirs,
estuaries, coastal waters and the sea, spatial predictions of any ecosystem
response, simple and complex water quality studies, impact and remediation
studies, planning and permitting studies and water quality forecasts.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Fundamentals of MIKE ECO Lab
  • The possibilities of ecosystem modelling
  • Water quality and hazardous substance modelling

What you can expect:

During this free 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn why MIKE ECO Lab is the tool of
choice for ecological modelling. We’ll reveal the realm of application possibilities
and demonstrate how to expand MIKE ECO Lab to a number of user-defined
models as well as the ease of coupling the software to your projects for powerful
results! Choose from two time slots on September 24, 2019.

Join Anders Chr. Erichsen, MSc, Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark.

Anders has a background in the ecological modelling of fresh water systems and the marine environment, with extensive knowledge concerning 2- and 3-dimensional hydrodynamic and environmental problems including pycnocline modelling, algae blooms and oxygen depletion. He is currently involved in real-time modelling, forecasting and research utilising the 3-dimensional ecological model developed for the Danish waters. Anders is also responsible for the development and evaluation of early warning systems for bathing water quality.

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